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Monster in Japan

I went to Historical Museum in Himeji today.
Himeji is a place with Himeji Castle that is World Heritage. 
Himeji Castle is very beautiful, and solemn. It is known as an impregnability.
There is a pond in the outside frame, and the carp is swimming gracefully.
And, here and there, there is a labyrinthine passage about the castle on the premises.

Himeji Castle

By the way, I went to the special exhibition of Historical Museum. 
What is the special exhibition?
It is a picture of the monster drawn in Japan.

It introduced monsters who had been drawn by the ukiyoe.
And there were many monster who were drawn even by the cartoon, too.
I thought it to be a very interesting.
To our regret, there was no English in those explanations. :-(

There was a zoo to be near!
I went there after it had finished had seen.
I held because there was a guinea pig.The guinea pig was very lovely. :-D

Today was fine, and so good day!


Gypsum sketch

"Gypsum sketch"

I drew a sketch of Gypsum that's name was Medici.
But, I have the doubt for this picture.
Because I was not able to draw three-dimensionally. 
How to draw?
Please tell me.

It is necessary to draw the shadow, I know.
But......I don't know how to draw the shadow.


Thank you for reading.


"Lily" Sumi-e


I drew the sumi-e painting of the lily today.
The interior of the sumi-e painting is deep, so I should improve one's techniques. 
Sumi has even one color various light and shade.
A considerable technology is required to express it.
Therefore, I respect the painter who drew the sumi-e painting wonderfully.
I also make an effort toward it.

By the way, thank you for your comment!

Domonyi Károly >

Thank you for your visit. I'm so happy to see you.
Yeah, I'll keep to contact you and Europe.
Your country is very beautiful, I know. I want to visit your country some day.....
Thank you!

drak1986 >
Oh, thank you for your reply comment.
Your picture is so good.
I'm looking forward to read your comment.
Thank you.


I want to draw.......

I wanna draw the picture such this picture.
This picture was drawing by Fuku Akino who is Japanese artist, and she lived in India a long time.
She drew by painting materials of Japanese style painting.
When I meet her work for the first time, I received impression. And, I wanna draw by painting materials of Japanese style painting.

After that, I met various Japanese-style painters' works. 
I was impressed in that to see Japanese-style painter's named Kaii Higashiyama work.
His picture is.....

So wonderful....
I wanna draw such his picture.


Growing old has to be beautiful

"Growing old has to be beautiful"
pencil (H, 2B)

I thought "Growing old has to be beautiful".
Why that?
This picture seems to wear make-up for an elderly woman to hide growing old. But that's different.
An elderly woman accepts all growing old and wears make-up on it.
There are wrinkles in the skin by which an elderly woman grew old.
An elderly woman accepts that.
I thought that is very beautiful.
I'd like to age this.

Well...., today is my birthday, I thought it.

Thank you for your comment!

Charecua >

Wow, I'm glad to see you. Your picture is so good, I'll follow your blog, OK?
Thank you!

dark 1986 >
 Wow,wow,wow! Thank you so much!
I'm happy.



Pencil (H)

My birthday is 27th May, my darling gave me a present.
What present?

Painting materials of Japanese style painting!

Wow, wow, wow!

This price is soooooooooo high!!!!!


Changed my profile's photo!

Water gouache

I like this picture, and I set this picture as my profile picture. 

I know this boy's name, but I cannot make it public yet.

Thank you for your comment!

Lidia-Chan >

Thank you for your comment. I'm so happy to see you.
I checked your blog, and adding it. :-)
Your picture is cute!

Daslav >

Thank you! 

Design of game character???

If I made the game of the adventure, I drew imagining such a character.
This boy is the main characters, and hero.
The character's name is Cloud, he appeared Final Fantasy Ⅶ.
He was man of a dark character, you know.
I drew such a character imagining it.

She is a girl 11-12, so wise.
She will use a magic of strong attack.

The man is trained in martial arts.
He is 20 years old.

He is so beautiful boy, and wise.
He uses a magic of recovery. He studies the medicine.  

Aaaa, I am happy in the thing drawn imagining these!





I love a dog.
Especially, I love the bulldog.
I like it though bulldog's face is plain. 

Thank you for your comment!

drak 1986 >

Yes, it's pencil of H.
Thank you! :-)

Beautiful boy

"Beautiful boy"
Rough sketch

I like to see the beautiful boys....:-D

And I like to draw them.

Thank you for your comment!

まつなみ へい様 >

不思議な感じですか! 嬉しいです、有り難うございます。
今、デッサンの勉強中なので、この絵よりももちっとマシになってるはず……? です。


Final sanctuary

"Final sanctuary"
Water Gouache

We are the member in the earth, but we lost many important favor of nature.
Because we just pursued convenience. Result, we lost it.
Hereafter, we should try to protect nature. But, it's difficult.
How we  do? Maybe, you will consider it. 
But, you will not be found the answer. 
Because it answers because of not existing in it.
However, we should try to protect our earth!!!!

Try it.

By the way, thank you for your comment.

Lane >

Thank you! I'm happy your comment.
I think, I'm Japanese, so I strongly consider the thing whose I'm Japanese. 
I will keep drawing the picture while doing it. 
Thanks! :-D

Dream island

"Dream island"
Water Gouache

I wanna go to "Dream island", and I will spend to play with dinosaur!
I wanna recall a memories in childhood.
Did you forget your mind of childhood? I hope you don't forget it.

I wanna go to "Dream island"!!




Now I'm working to draw cartoon. What cartoon? 
I can't write it what is thema. Sorry.
Well, I thought, "Mario is an Italian's name....., so Super Mario is an Italian!?"
It's joke.

By the way, thank you for your comment.

Steinar Arason >

Thank you! I'm glad to hear your comment!
See you again!

cardesin >

Oh, thank you.
I was encouraged by your comment. 


"Apple" -rough sketch

rough sketch

I drew rough sketch of apple.
But I couldn't like it. I don't know why.
What I wanna draw? How I wanna draw?
I don't know....

However, I believe be able to love my picture... some day.
Now, I'm lossing my way of art, so my picture is anxious picture. :-(

I thought that an apple was distorted form. We believe to see  an object precisely, but we can't do a careful observation. 
I noticed so. 

By the way, thank you for your comment!

Daslav >
Thank you! :-) I'm glad.

cardesin >
Thank you! Your comment is nice! lol :-D

Thank you, my partner. You are too praise of me! lol :-D

Woman sketch

"Woman sketch"

I thoght that I want to draw what, I need the technique of rough sketch.

So I must practice to draw a lot of sketch.

I will draw what is Buddhism picture, Ghost and so on.

By the way, thank you for your comment!
I'm glad.

bloggersentral >

Thank you!
Kawaii desho!

Lane >

Thank you!

Daslav >

Thank you! Your Illustration is good.

"Hasty sea bathing"

"Hasty sea bathing"

Cotton went to the sea. But this time was not summer.
Cotton wanted to swim early in the sea!