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I finished to work the comic.....

Hello world, I finished to draw the comic that Maya's study abroad in Italy, I knew unsuitable for drawing comic!
And I like to write novel for working and hobby. So I wanna work to write the novel.

Well, now I plan to write novel what is "a war history", and will write centering around love story.
After, we plan to make the game that will be appointed this novel.
I drew the sketch,.....


Thank you for reading!

Thank you for your comment!
There is "White day" only in Japan. haha.....I know.
Yes, I'm sure to success by novel! Thank you.

Thank you for your comment.
Are you Japanse? I know you're living in Japan....
Thank you for adding my blog, I'll add your blog.
Well, I'm not young....:-( but I'm having suffering!!

Thank you, see you again.

by MIS