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Recently, my condition was so bad because some days were so cold!
Today is soooooo cold.....and rain.

Well, I'm writing the love story, I proposed my plan to editor, and after day I passed my plan!
What story I'll write?
Yeah...., I'll write the love story what Italian man and Japanese woman will fall in love in Siena!
I passed my plan.... but I can't write in English......I'm sorry.
Only Japanese novel, but I want to write novels in Eng!

Thank you for your comment!
Well, Japanese men will return the gift to women in 14th March.
14th March is "White day".
Do you have this culture "White day" in your country?

Catrien Ross>
Thank you for your comment!
I read your blog, you're living in Japan, aren't you? I'm Japanese, but I wonder the Japanese people have culture.....too.
Thank you for reading my blog!


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