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Hi, everyone. Now I'm agony in my life.....
What I wanna do?
What I must do?
I'll be happy that I do what? I don't know, but I know that I'm losing my goal.
What is the life?
It will not be thought that only breathing is a life surely.
What is love?
In love, the counterfeit after all is a well-known fact. However, they are becoming ignorant because it is painful.
I have seen various people.
Especially, the Japanese does his best for the attempt to save one's own neck.
Even if they are things that it is contradicted based on morality, they kill oneself and they follow strong position's person.
It becomes a meaning "Air is read" by the Japanese style.
My way of life is beaten without fail in Japan.
My way of life is different from a Japanese way of life. Therefore, the Japanese thinks my way of life to be hateful.
The Japanese doesn't admit a thing different from others. It should be the same as me. Japan has built such a culture.
The more I work hard, the more it is beaten.
Quite same person doesn't exist. However, they are convinced like it.
I am stifling.....
I do not want to be reborn if reborn.

However, I feel happiness in the thing that the real intention can be written by this blog.
Japanese is so wonderful language, but it suitably to me.
I have a Japanese blog, and might be the storm of the criticism at once if it writes it there.

By the way....

I drew this picture.

Thank you for your comment.
I agree to your opinion.

by MIS