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Society without relation in Japan

I watched channel of NHK documentary that's theme is "Society without relation", I think "Why they lost relationship of family, friend and communities?"
I think, I'll say to request communities helping for me if I notice to die alone.
Why they didn't do? I cannot understand them.
I'm rationalism, so I cannot communication with them(the Japanese)?

Now I'm working to draw the comic, this picture is one of scene.
I love to draw the animal!

By the way, thank you for your comment!


Thank you.
I like Nietzsche! :-)
I want to go out to world!


Thank you!
I'm sure to keep drawing.




i love your drawings. They are very good. You are so talented. I wish you every success MIS. Take care


MIS, hello and thank you for your blog post. Yes, I wonder this too. Family relationships in Japan can often be very cold or very painful. There are so many lonely and lost people in Japan. Thank you, too, for your drawings.
I would love to share thoughts with you. So if you have time, please visit my bilingual website/blog at www.energydoorways.com
Greetings from the snowy mountains today - Catrien Ross.


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