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I wish...

Now I'm drawing Japanese style painting. Because I plan to exhibit in the art exhibition sponsored in Germany.

I do not want honor and money.
I am wishing scenery with beautiful earth to be seen.

I am enough if there are a little money, a little food, and a small house.

I think that it is ultimate and it is luxurious to see beautiful scenery every day.
Such beautiful scenery is hardly seen by Japan.
I am wishing beautiful scenery to be seen while living eating the simple food in a small house every day.

It is only it.

Thank you.
The Japanese has matched it to surroundings too much.
As a result, failure has been brought now..... Oh my god.




Yeah....Japan lost its beauty, I imagine how was beautiful about until 200 years ago.
But still, we can find some beautiful scenaries in country side;-)

Easier&simpler you can get your satisfaction, easier&simpler to be happy.


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