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Website renewal

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I renew my official website, please visit me! :-)

umihoney >
Thank you! I'll keep to draw many illustration!


Thank you! I'm happy to your comment!

granit >
Thank you! I love this color "Turquoise green"!

See you again!

by MIS

The sea, sky and one baby

I wanted to draw the sea, sky and baby, so drew this picture.
This pic is so strange.....hehe.


by MIS

A dugong

I drew the picture of a dugong.
This dugong lives in Okinawa, but we must save them.
Because the Japanese government has a plan moving an American military base to there where is inhabited by the dugong.

Save the dugong campaign center


by MIS

Drew the picture

Hello, everyone, I'm so fine! How are you?

I drew the picture, and upload now!
I used Holbein Artists Gouache and Arches paper!
But I don't know why I drew the picture that is so dark........:-(

Now I'm soooo busy to work writing novel and planing new works.

Sorry I don't write the novel still.

Yeah, a cherry blossoms is Japanese culture. It's so beautiful.
Thank you!


by MIS

A cherry blossoms

I went to view a cherry blossoms, there were a lot of blossoms.
In Japan, the people enjoy to view it, and drinking an alcoholic & eating many food!
Maybe only the Japanese people do.
When I lived at D.C. in America, there were a cherry blossoms, but the American people didn't eating and drinking.

Well, I wanna show many photos for you.

By the way, I'm busy to work writing novels for public, please keep to wait!

Sorry, please wait! Thank you for your comment, I'm happy.

Amy Perrotti>
Oh, thank you!


by MIS

novel's sketch

I drew novel's image, and plan to write story...

"Life and Death" how the Japanese people view of life and death, I will write what is it.

Please wait till I publish newsletter.

Thank you for your comment. Sorry I don't make form of register newsletter still.
I'm sure to inform and guide how to register, please don't worry.

See you!

by MIS

novel's theme

I decided theme my novel ---"Life and Death", and I wanna write oriental philosophy at my novel.
I guess you don't know how Japanese people outlook on life and death.
And, I wanna write darkness of the Japanese economy.

Well, when I inform to publish my newsletter, please register your e-mail address soon.

Thank you.

Thank you for your comment!
I plan to write novel that is theme "Life and Death". I don't know when I publish.... haha.

News letter

Maybe I will make my novel's news letter in English, are you OK?
I thought that I write novel at this blog, but I worry my story will be stolen.

I will make news letter if you are OK.

Thank you for your comment.

Amy Perrotti>
Thank you! I'm so glad!
OK, I'm sure to write novel!


Oh, thank you! Now I consider for making good story to you.

Thank you, I'm trying to do!


by MIS

I will try to write novel in English...

Hello, everyone! I decided to write novel in English, but I'm not native writer, so my writing will be poor, I know.
And, I won't be able to write novel at this blog regularly.

By the way, thank you for comment!

Thank you for your comment!
Thanks to your comment, I decided to write novel in English.
I wanna challenge to do.

Amy Perrotti>
Thank you for your comment!
I wanna try to write novel in English! Could you read my novel if I write?

See you!


I finished to work the comic.....

Hello world, I finished to draw the comic that Maya's study abroad in Italy, I knew unsuitable for drawing comic!
And I like to write novel for working and hobby. So I wanna work to write the novel.

Well, now I plan to write novel what is "a war history", and will write centering around love story.
After, we plan to make the game that will be appointed this novel.
I drew the sketch,.....


Thank you for reading!

Thank you for your comment!
There is "White day" only in Japan. haha.....I know.
Yes, I'm sure to success by novel! Thank you.

Thank you for your comment.
Are you Japanse? I know you're living in Japan....
Thank you for adding my blog, I'll add your blog.
Well, I'm not young....:-( but I'm having suffering!!

Thank you, see you again.

by MIS


Recently, my condition was so bad because some days were so cold!
Today is soooooo cold.....and rain.

Well, I'm writing the love story, I proposed my plan to editor, and after day I passed my plan!
What story I'll write?
Yeah...., I'll write the love story what Italian man and Japanese woman will fall in love in Siena!
I passed my plan.... but I can't write in English......I'm sorry.
Only Japanese novel, but I want to write novels in Eng!

Thank you for your comment!
Well, Japanese men will return the gift to women in 14th March.
14th March is "White day".
Do you have this culture "White day" in your country?

Catrien Ross>
Thank you for your comment!
I read your blog, you're living in Japan, aren't you? I'm Japanese, but I wonder the Japanese people have culture.....too.
Thank you for reading my blog!


by MIS


I drew the comic for working, and background by pen.
This picture is Siena in Italy.

Thank you for your messege!
Well, I bought gumboots, chocolates, and postcards!
I will give chocolates for many boys because the Japanese women have a habit giving a chocolate for lover!
Yeah, 14th Feb!
This habit is only Japanese culture.


by MIS

Girl -pastel version-


I drew this picture again and painted by pastel.

Thank you, I'm so happy your comment!
I could spend so good weekend.
I went to shopping and bought somethings!


by MIS


post card size

I drew this picture for training.
I'm sure to draw the picture every day...

By the way, thank you for your comment and messages!


Thank you for your comment, I'm so happy!
Take care, too.


by MIS

Society without relation in Japan

I watched channel of NHK documentary that's theme is "Society without relation", I think "Why they lost relationship of family, friend and communities?"
I think, I'll say to request communities helping for me if I notice to die alone.
Why they didn't do? I cannot understand them.
I'm rationalism, so I cannot communication with them(the Japanese)?

Now I'm working to draw the comic, this picture is one of scene.
I love to draw the animal!

By the way, thank you for your comment!


Thank you.
I like Nietzsche! :-)
I want to go out to world!


Thank you!
I'm sure to keep drawing.




Hi, everyone. Now I'm agony in my life.....
What I wanna do?
What I must do?
I'll be happy that I do what? I don't know, but I know that I'm losing my goal.
What is the life?
It will not be thought that only breathing is a life surely.
What is love?
In love, the counterfeit after all is a well-known fact. However, they are becoming ignorant because it is painful.
I have seen various people.
Especially, the Japanese does his best for the attempt to save one's own neck.
Even if they are things that it is contradicted based on morality, they kill oneself and they follow strong position's person.
It becomes a meaning "Air is read" by the Japanese style.
My way of life is beaten without fail in Japan.
My way of life is different from a Japanese way of life. Therefore, the Japanese thinks my way of life to be hateful.
The Japanese doesn't admit a thing different from others. It should be the same as me. Japan has built such a culture.
The more I work hard, the more it is beaten.
Quite same person doesn't exist. However, they are convinced like it.
I am stifling.....
I do not want to be reborn if reborn.

However, I feel happiness in the thing that the real intention can be written by this blog.
Japanese is so wonderful language, but it suitably to me.
I have a Japanese blog, and might be the storm of the criticism at once if it writes it there.

By the way....

I drew this picture.

Thank you for your comment.
I agree to your opinion.

by MIS

I wish...

Now I'm drawing Japanese style painting. Because I plan to exhibit in the art exhibition sponsored in Germany.

I do not want honor and money.
I am wishing scenery with beautiful earth to be seen.

I am enough if there are a little money, a little food, and a small house.

I think that it is ultimate and it is luxurious to see beautiful scenery every day.
Such beautiful scenery is hardly seen by Japan.
I am wishing beautiful scenery to be seen while living eating the simple food in a small house every day.

It is only it.

Thank you.
The Japanese has matched it to surroundings too much.
As a result, failure has been brought now..... Oh my god.