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Japan don't have own indentity.

I will write about my latest idea.
In the past, I always thought that I wanna stop the Japanese, and wanna become other country person.
Because, I hate Japanese interpersonal relationship and social regime.
I can't logically explain about Japan, because Japan's identity as the country has been blurred.
The country where the identity doesn't exist is only Japan.
Why Japan don't have the identity? The reason for Japan is that it is a country of the frontier.
It was in China that the center for a long time for Japan.
It is replaced by the United States now.
The Japanese explains while comparing it without fail with other countries when it explains the thing of the home country.
For instance, they explain that Japan is international and an economic country of the second place. They cannot introduce home countries not compared.
In a word, the Japanese cannot conclude the identity of the home country like President Obama's speech.
They cannot conclude the identity of the home country now. Perhaps, it will take 100 years or more.
Japan is a country of "Air".
I expect that it is difficult for you to understand it.
Because there is no country like Japan anywhere. Japan is a really special country. They decide the following action and speech and behavior guessing "Air".
"Air" that they say means "Nuance".
"Air" = "Nuance"   Are you ok?
It shifts the companion if their nuances cannot be read. And, they will say.....you cannot read "Air"!
For instance, let's assume that I attend the party of the company.
I cannot drink sake due to alcoholic allergy. How will it become it if the thing that I drink sake there is refused? I am assumed not to be able to read "Air" to them, and the next day is disregard. It is a thing forcibly drunk even if I am an alcoholic allergy. It is considered to be a person who can read "Air" for them.
The Japanese who drinks sake too much for the person association and died is not few.

Therefore, I disliked such "Air".
I should read "Air" as long as it is in Japan.
I am painful. The country where I was born cannot be loved from the bottom of one's hearts. Only a peculiar "Air" to the Japanese cannot come to like, though I love the art and the culture of Japan.

By the way, I made my character that's name is "Cotton".

"Cotton" is a fanciful creature.
It is sold to print on T-shirt and the handkerchief, etc. in Japan.
I don't know the method though it only has to be able to sell even in foreign countries.

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by MIS