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I'm sorry cannot write this blog because I'm so busy to work....

Well, I wanna write about my travel in Nagano!

This museum is Marie Laurencin's museum. It is only one museum in the world.
The color of her work is beautiful. The pastel wanted to be beautiful, and I wanna decorate my room!

This photo is "Mishaka-pond", Kaii Higashiyama loved.

His art work of picture is "Mishaka-pond".
So beautiful and fantastic!
I love his picture, and I want to draw like him.

I never forget the mind of Japan. Because it went to study to London when I was a university student. It was strongly considered that I was Japanese at that time.
I want to proceed again to Europe with a Japanese soul, and to show the picture.

By the way, thank you for comment!

Maya >
Thank you. I am being fairly supported by you.
I never forget the kindness to you through life.
And, I want to go through one's life with you.

image_of_purity >

Thank you for your comment!
It is as you say ..so...
The important one is a thing for me to live with belief.  Thank you!

Oops! I forgot to publish my picture.
Let's show the picture that I drew.