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Interpersonal relationship

This picture is Japanese style painting, and it's making it.
In the work flow, there is drawing the line drawing.
This picture is so.

Next, there is work of undercoat.
I will upload this picture that be finished.

By the way, I am Japanese.
I have Japanese culture, education, life, living there climate, and so on.
There is a Japanese interpersonal relationship in that.
The Japanese is an agricultural tribe. Therefore, it likes group living, and it has none of cultures that can come off.
In a word, it cannot have individual time.
The relation continues to the interpersonal relationship of the company after the company ends. In other words, the superior should associate only as a superior as for the private life.
If you are not Japanese, this will look strange.
This is natural for the Japanese.
Let's assume that there was man who has a different idea in the group.
How does the person think becomes it?
He/She is excluded by the group.
It is a Japanese society.

I have an idea quite different from a Japanese society today.
Moreover, my character or behavior is individualism.
Everybody thinks that they understand if it writes here.
It is so, and I excluded by the group. I cried, and suffered from this.
It is not good at group behavior but to begin with, is difficult my work to build the interpersonal relationship.
Working in Europe and America other than Japan thought me to be the best most.
I am alive with own opinion. You might be also similar.
I will esteem your opinion.
I want to have wonderful relationship that the opinion is mutually exchanged.
It cannot be done in Japan.
When I say something, I am disliked.
I am considered as a heretic in Japan.

I might be not suitable for Japan though I am Japanese.

Recently, I think so.

By the way, thank you for your comment!

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Thank you!!!