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I have a pain in the neck :-(

Now I'm having a pain in the neck.....

Drawing the sketch too much is a cause.
I did ten more practices of the sketch repeatedly, and hurt the shoulder and its neck every day.


It is painful though one week passes as usual.

Well, I will receive the practice course of the Japanese style painting from next month.
I will make this blog an emphasis in the future and write though have given priority to a Japanese blog up to now and wrote.

It hesitates to read because it is feeling of either of blogs of Japan like the diary, and content with a private contents.
And, it doesn't become familiar with the blog of Japan though my blog makes the commentary and the book review the main.

I think that it is unexpected to write private in the blog.
The reason for an original purpose of the blog is that it is the one made for the commentary and the memo.

It is this that I annoys now.

Not suitable for the tendency to the blog of Japan of my blog makes me melancholic.

Therefore, I want to give priority to this blog, and to exchange various opinions.
Even whenever your opinion and my opinion differ, I esteem your opinion.

By the way, thank you for your comment.

cornel >
Thank you. Your photo is so wonderful.