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Monster in Japan

I went to Historical Museum in Himeji today.
Himeji is a place with Himeji Castle that is World Heritage. 
Himeji Castle is very beautiful, and solemn. It is known as an impregnability.
There is a pond in the outside frame, and the carp is swimming gracefully.
And, here and there, there is a labyrinthine passage about the castle on the premises.

Himeji Castle

By the way, I went to the special exhibition of Historical Museum. 
What is the special exhibition?
It is a picture of the monster drawn in Japan.

It introduced monsters who had been drawn by the ukiyoe.
And there were many monster who were drawn even by the cartoon, too.
I thought it to be a very interesting.
To our regret, there was no English in those explanations. :-(

There was a zoo to be near!
I went there after it had finished had seen.
I held because there was a guinea pig.The guinea pig was very lovely. :-D

Today was fine, and so good day!