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"Lily" Sumi-e


I drew the sumi-e painting of the lily today.
The interior of the sumi-e painting is deep, so I should improve one's techniques. 
Sumi has even one color various light and shade.
A considerable technology is required to express it.
Therefore, I respect the painter who drew the sumi-e painting wonderfully.
I also make an effort toward it.

By the way, thank you for your comment!

Domonyi Károly >

Thank you for your visit. I'm so happy to see you.
Yeah, I'll keep to contact you and Europe.
Your country is very beautiful, I know. I want to visit your country some day.....
Thank you!

drak1986 >
Oh, thank you for your reply comment.
Your picture is so good.
I'm looking forward to read your comment.
Thank you.