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Growing old has to be beautiful

"Growing old has to be beautiful"
pencil (H, 2B)

I thought "Growing old has to be beautiful".
Why that?
This picture seems to wear make-up for an elderly woman to hide growing old. But that's different.
An elderly woman accepts all growing old and wears make-up on it.
There are wrinkles in the skin by which an elderly woman grew old.
An elderly woman accepts that.
I thought that is very beautiful.
I'd like to age this.

Well...., today is my birthday, I thought it.

Thank you for your comment!

Charecua >

Wow, I'm glad to see you. Your picture is so good, I'll follow your blog, OK?
Thank you!

dark 1986 >
 Wow,wow,wow! Thank you so much!
I'm happy.