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Ryo Yamada's comedy short story

I handled the poster of the comedy short story that is Ryo Yamada will show comedy.
Ryo Yamada is famous comedian in Osaka, and very handsome man!
Mr. Yamada will do by comedy for us  to be able to become so happy. Of course, I will watch his show.


"Comedy of Yamada's dormitory"

2009/05/17 (Sun)
18:30 Opening 19:00 Starting

YOSHIMOTO ∞ Hall Osaka (Namba ground Hanazuki)

Advance sale:¥2,000- That day:¥2,300-

By the way, Thank you for your comment on my blog!

Amy >
Wow, I'm glad! Thank you!
I wanna draw many picture of Cotton!

Daslav >
Thak you! Your Illustration is so funny. Good job.