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Busy to work....:-(

Now I'm working to draw the cartoon, and busy.
I can't guess finish to work this cartoon.


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Yeah, I think, too.
Japanese people think that we must to study artschool, and we cannot draw wonderful artwork....
As a matter, it is not limited that it is so.


Le Grand Louvre exhibition in Kyoto

I went to Le Grand Louvre exhibition in Kyoto, and appreciated the famous picture.
Well-known painter's work had been very exhibited to Velazquez, Vermeer, Georges, and Rembrandt, etc.

I had seen these obtained the conviction.
A famous picture and a work so were able to be distinguished based on my longtime experience.

I was taken by parents at three-year-old time, and continued the painting appreciation for 20 years or more.

Actually, I was not drawing the picture by one year ago at all.
It was demanded from surrounding people to go to the university of the art though it painted as a hobby from 2 to 15 years old. Because it had become pressure, I stopped to draw the picuture at the age of 15.
After that, I didn't draw it, but I started to draw again last spring.
After that, I practiced picturing for one year.
The period when I had not drawn the picture reached for as many as 12 years.
It is a very long blank.
However, I was able to regain the sense at once.

Hereafter, I will devote myself.

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