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Child of mystery

I drew this picture of "Child of mystery", and by soft pastel.
I will write about "Chaild of mystery", and why I made him.
Well, I'm planing to hold the one-man show in autumn, the place is Kobe in Japan.
But I guess you can't visit my one-man show. So I will make picture collections of the one-man show limitations from the publication on one's own account.
At that time, I plan to publish the overall view of the picture put on the blog.
Of course, this picture, too.

Maybe, A5 size, All page color, and 16P..... 6-7$ or 4,5-5EURO.

But, the carriage fee hangs separately.

I will make in this summer.

By the way, thank you for your comment!

CheZzie >

Thank you!
As for the overall view of this picture, it is scheduled to put it on the picture collection.
Please looking forward to wait.
Thank you!



=O Yes I'm learning Japanese. XD May I ask how did you find my blog? lol.

Your art is very pretty! I also draw with pastels actually but not very well. For fun. ^^ =]

If I lived in Japan I would totally go to your one man show! =D Hoping to visit there in the future. =]


that's nice ! well it doesn't look like a boy.. looks like a girl though.. with the pink lips.. it's nice

if i go japan, sure i'll join your show ;)


I like the colour blending and shading in this picture. Very unique and nice to look at. The facial expression tells me she wants something.



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