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Work, work, work

I'm working to draw this cartoon hardly...........so, my wrist has broken down.
But, but I'm happily drawing the cartoon. It is because of the favor.

Because it is painful to strike sentences, it ends here.

Thank you for comment!

vanina >
¡Gracias por su comentario! Amo dibujar un boceto, también.
Agregué su blog, su boceto es tan bueno.
Véalo de nuevo!


This picture has not been completed yet.

I drew this sketch yesterday.
Now I'm learning the sketch in the art school, and I draw the charcoal sketch.
I sketched the nude for the first time!

The model seemed to be accustomed.....


I have a pain in the neck :-(

Now I'm having a pain in the neck.....

Drawing the sketch too much is a cause.
I did ten more practices of the sketch repeatedly, and hurt the shoulder and its neck every day.


It is painful though one week passes as usual.

Well, I will receive the practice course of the Japanese style painting from next month.
I will make this blog an emphasis in the future and write though have given priority to a Japanese blog up to now and wrote.

It hesitates to read because it is feeling of either of blogs of Japan like the diary, and content with a private contents.
And, it doesn't become familiar with the blog of Japan though my blog makes the commentary and the book review the main.

I think that it is unexpected to write private in the blog.
The reason for an original purpose of the blog is that it is the one made for the commentary and the memo.

It is this that I annoys now.

Not suitable for the tendency to the blog of Japan of my blog makes me melancholic.

Therefore, I want to give priority to this blog, and to exchange various opinions.
Even whenever your opinion and my opinion differ, I esteem your opinion.

By the way, thank you for your comment.

cornel >
Thank you. Your photo is so wonderful.



Now I'm working to draw a cartoon....of record of going abroad to study!


Thank you for your comment.

Antonio Estevez >

Oh, thank you.
I keep drawing absolutely!



I drew two dancers.
I want to draw the picture with the throb feeling.

Thank you for your comment.

CheZzie >

Thank you!
I'm so happy to read your comment!
I'm keeping to draw sketch...... :-)



Now I'm drawing rough sketch, a lot of paper were drawing by me.
I cannot be without drawing.........
Is this sick? lol
Why I must draw?
Because the Japanese style painting is faithful to the sketch.
One line is a life. The Japanese style painting cannot be corrected though the oil painting can be corrected. Therefore, it is a match at that time of that time.
Well, painting materials of the Japanese style painting consist of nature. It is a plant, a mineral, and an animal, etc.

By the way, thank you for your comment.

Airisu~* >

Link from link.....link from link!
It was marginate and arrived at your blog. Ok?


Child of mystery

I drew this picture of "Child of mystery", and by soft pastel.
I will write about "Chaild of mystery", and why I made him.
Well, I'm planing to hold the one-man show in autumn, the place is Kobe in Japan.
But I guess you can't visit my one-man show. So I will make picture collections of the one-man show limitations from the publication on one's own account.
At that time, I plan to publish the overall view of the picture put on the blog.
Of course, this picture, too.

Maybe, A5 size, All page color, and 16P..... 6-7$ or 4,5-5EURO.

But, the carriage fee hangs separately.

I will make in this summer.

By the way, thank you for your comment!

CheZzie >

Thank you!
As for the overall view of this picture, it is scheduled to put it on the picture collection.
Please looking forward to wait.
Thank you!


Finish drawing

I drew this picture, finished.
I wanted to differ from actual scenery, and to do a fantastic expression.

Well, I plan to hold the one-man show in Kobe on October.
If you will visit in Kobe on Oct, please visit my one-man show.

I will make a book of my picture for person who cannot go.
I will inform you of it again here.


Now maiking.....

Now I'm drawing this picture of scenery....
I'm using a water gouache.
This scenery is World Heritage in Japan.

So beautiful, and this scenery was used by Hayao Miyazaki who made the movie of animation.
What is the movie of animation?

Maybe I guess you know....."PRINCESS MONONOKE"

By the way, thank you for your comment!

dino 3.14 >

Grazie! Io sono contento per darmi il Suo commento.
Non badi.
Per favore insegni a me se Lei lo ricorda.


I'm working.....

I'm working to draw the comic.....
When this comic is completed, it is sent to mobile phone at once.

Of course, only Japan....,sorry.

My having wanted to say is a thing to draw the comic as one of the work.

By the way, thank you for your comment!

Amy >

Oh, thank you! I'm glad.


Scenery of Japan

I drew scenery, this is a picture that expressed the climate in Japan.
Japan is an island nation.
There are a lot of small islands in the Pacific Ocean.
There is a rich season as a seagirt country. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter....

And, the thing of the Pacific Ocean looked about from Kobe is called Seto inland Sea.
Many small islands exist there. 
So beautiful scenery.
I love there.