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Rain and Cotton

"Rain and Cotton"

When I draw Cotton, I'm become so happy....
Cotton is fantastic symbol, Cotton is a mysterious living thing that appears anywhere. 
And, I want to put out the appearance of cotton to various places in the world. 

Aaaaa! I wanna draw Cotton!
He, he, he!
I will draw Cotton. 

By the way, thank you for your comment.

drak >
Thank you for adding my blog!
Hereafter, I will keep drawing the picture. 

Maya >
Thank you! I will go for it keeping this blog....
Well, How will you do in GW? Please tell me!


Cotton is very sweet! Makes me happy too.


thanks you for your comment on my blog..I like your style is very nice and beatifull..


Thanks for visiting my blog.
I love yours!


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