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I drew her whose name is Maya!

CG Illust

I drew her, she is actress and model!
She is very beatiful, and has slender body! Good:-)

She writes her english blog:MAYA-Japanese actress/model
Enjoy reading her blog!

When I met her, I thought "she is cute! So, she can model...Mmm!"
I met her in Tokyo, Japan.
Before I meet her, I lost my way! Tokyo is very, very big city, so I couldn't read the map.
Well, I'm living in Kobe, Tokyo is so far.
I took Shinkansen, and arrived in 3 hours.
What Shinkansen?
Shinkansen is Japanese super train. :-)

By the way, thank you comment!

cardesin: Thank you. Oh, can you write Japanese? I drew that picture that were drawing only black.

Thank you!


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