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Deep attachment

"Deep attachment"

Water Gouache
Water Paper

I drew a woman has "Deep attachment".
Japanese women are a sticky material. That's ture.
Don't let their being made puzzled to the fantasy. OK?


My profile's photo is "Satan"

I made a character that's name is "Akuma", it's meaning is "Satan".

I drew it by Japanese paints that is "Gansai", maybe, you don't know it.
"Gansai" is nature's tints, and uses the material of nature. 
It is painting materials used by "Ukiyoe" etc.

I hope you know Japanese culture!


Ryo Yamada's comedy short story

I handled the poster of the comedy short story that is Ryo Yamada will show comedy.
Ryo Yamada is famous comedian in Osaka, and very handsome man!
Mr. Yamada will do by comedy for us  to be able to become so happy. Of course, I will watch his show.


"Comedy of Yamada's dormitory"

2009/05/17 (Sun)
18:30 Opening 19:00 Starting

YOSHIMOTO ∞ Hall Osaka (Namba ground Hanazuki)

Advance sale:¥2,000- That day:¥2,300-

By the way, Thank you for your comment on my blog!

Amy >
Wow, I'm glad! Thank you!
I wanna draw many picture of Cotton!

Daslav >
Thak you! Your Illustration is so funny. Good job.

Rain and Cotton

"Rain and Cotton"

When I draw Cotton, I'm become so happy....
Cotton is fantastic symbol, Cotton is a mysterious living thing that appears anywhere. 
And, I want to put out the appearance of cotton to various places in the world. 

Aaaaa! I wanna draw Cotton!
He, he, he!
I will draw Cotton. 

By the way, thank you for your comment.

drak >
Thank you for adding my blog!
Hereafter, I will keep drawing the picture. 

Maya >
Thank you! I will go for it keeping this blog....
Well, How will you do in GW? Please tell me!

Picasso and Klee

I visited an art museum today. I was looking forward to appreciate the special exhibition of the picture of Picasso, Klee, and others.
But, I thought that Picasso's work was few!
Maybe, I guess that Japanese people know Picasso more than Klee, so The museum might have advertised it by Picasso.

Well, when I appreciated Klee's rough sketch, I thought that those sketch was the child's graffiti!

After, we went to eat the lunch. He wanted to eat a lot of cakes, so we entered the shop of the sweets all-you-can-eat!
But I was not felt delicious by me, and became unpleasant! :-(



I made the character of the name of cotton.
This doesn't have sex.
This is a living thing of magic that can go anywhere all over the world and can do the warp also to the different world. 

The picture that draws Cotton is in the gallery on an official site, and see, please if it is interested in you. 

By the way, thank you for your comment!

LuAnn >

Thank you for your comment!
I see.....! From yahoo group gallery!
Your picture is so beatiful, I'm looking forward to seeing your picture!


Girl-rough sketch

Rough sketch

I love to draw a girl....., very cute!
Clothes that this girl wears are my favorite designs!
I wanna design the children's wear!!!! :-)

By the way, thanks for comment!


Thank you! I'm glad!
I'll draw many sketch!



"Astaroth"-and rough sketch

I drew her whose name is Astaroth.
She is is a high-ranking satan who appears in a lot of 'Grimoire'.

Woman who fits in marsh-A rough sketch

"Woman who fits in marsh-A rough sketch"
Sketch book

I drew a sketch a rough was woman, and painted only black.
This technique is a peculiar technique to Japan.
The sumi-e painting is a technique for drawing by one Indian ink color.

But I didn't use sumi, and used a Holbein artists' gouache of black.

Well, I am wishing my one-man show to be held in the world! :-)

Misato Shikata Official Web Site in English was opening!!

Misato Shikata Official Website in English

I made this website is my official website, please visit this site!
Well, I'm considering undertaking the work of the picture.
If you want to work request, please access this site, after that click mail.
New window will be opening, you will be able to write request to me.

I hope to work with you!

By the way, I can't write English well. But I can absolutely write sentences in Japanese well.
Why I can? Because I love reading books-ex:Philosophy,History, Education, Psychology, Psychiatry, and so on...
Of course, these books were writing in Japanese!
But, but I cannot read any books were writing in English...Mmm!
I will make an effort to read the book in English!


I drew her whose name is Maya!

CG Illust

I drew her, she is actress and model!
She is very beatiful, and has slender body! Good:-)

She writes her english blog:MAYA-Japanese actress/model
Enjoy reading her blog!

When I met her, I thought "she is cute! So, she can model...Mmm!"
I met her in Tokyo, Japan.
Before I meet her, I lost my way! Tokyo is very, very big city, so I couldn't read the map.
Well, I'm living in Kobe, Tokyo is so far.
I took Shinkansen, and arrived in 3 hours.
What Shinkansen?
Shinkansen is Japanese super train. :-)

By the way, thank you comment!

cardesin: Thank you. Oh, can you write Japanese? I drew that picture that were drawing only black.

Thank you!

Woman who fits in marsh

"Woman who fits in marsh"
Holbein Artists' Gouache

It is a picture that waits by the woman in the marsh, and gets one's kicks. 
What pleasure?
Oh, I want to entrust it to your imagination!

My name is....

Hi, everyone!
My name is Misato Shikata, I'm from Japan.
Well, I'm drawing a picture that is a woman, a girl, scenery and so on...
I wanna uproad drawing many picture, please look forward.