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Japan don't have own indentity.

I will write about my latest idea.
In the past, I always thought that I wanna stop the Japanese, and wanna become other country person.
Because, I hate Japanese interpersonal relationship and social regime.
I can't logically explain about Japan, because Japan's identity as the country has been blurred.
The country where the identity doesn't exist is only Japan.
Why Japan don't have the identity? The reason for Japan is that it is a country of the frontier.
It was in China that the center for a long time for Japan.
It is replaced by the United States now.
The Japanese explains while comparing it without fail with other countries when it explains the thing of the home country.
For instance, they explain that Japan is international and an economic country of the second place. They cannot introduce home countries not compared.
In a word, the Japanese cannot conclude the identity of the home country like President Obama's speech.
They cannot conclude the identity of the home country now. Perhaps, it will take 100 years or more.
Japan is a country of "Air".
I expect that it is difficult for you to understand it.
Because there is no country like Japan anywhere. Japan is a really special country. They decide the following action and speech and behavior guessing "Air".
"Air" that they say means "Nuance".
"Air" = "Nuance"   Are you ok?
It shifts the companion if their nuances cannot be read. And, they will say.....you cannot read "Air"!
For instance, let's assume that I attend the party of the company.
I cannot drink sake due to alcoholic allergy. How will it become it if the thing that I drink sake there is refused? I am assumed not to be able to read "Air" to them, and the next day is disregard. It is a thing forcibly drunk even if I am an alcoholic allergy. It is considered to be a person who can read "Air" for them.
The Japanese who drinks sake too much for the person association and died is not few.

Therefore, I disliked such "Air".
I should read "Air" as long as it is in Japan.
I am painful. The country where I was born cannot be loved from the bottom of one's hearts. Only a peculiar "Air" to the Japanese cannot come to like, though I love the art and the culture of Japan.

By the way, I made my character that's name is "Cotton".

"Cotton" is a fanciful creature.
It is sold to print on T-shirt and the handkerchief, etc. in Japan.
I don't know the method though it only has to be able to sell even in foreign countries.

Maya> Merry Christmas! Thank you:-)


by MIS

I have a dream.

I have a dream...........what is my dream?
My dream is I draw the picture, and it publishes it as a picture book.
I can express it by using various painting materials.
For instance, Japanese style painting, watercolor, opaque watercolor, acrylic painting, and pastel drawing, etc.

It wants to draw out my power of expression to its maximum, and to show it to not only children all over the world but also adults.

If you give power to my dream, I am very glad!

Thank you! I will sell my picture in the future....I think the activity first of all around Europe.

Good illumination.
Your country person made wonderful illumination!

Yeah, I like it, too.

See you again!



I had seen Luminarie in Kobe last night.
It's so beautiful.....I was impressed.

The design is the one made by the Italian.
The mind of Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake victim's repose of soul was put, it entrusted them with the dream and the hope for the city to the revival and the reproduction, it was held for the first time in December, 1995 when the great earthquake happened, and big impression, courage, and hope were given to the town and the citizens in Kobe brokenheartedly due to the earthquake.


by MIS


I finished to draw Japanese style painting...

It drew with powdered mineral pigments.

I am work to write work to draw the cartoon, work to design the scenario of the cartoon, and the novel, and am busy now..... :-(




I drew this picture that's name is "Prayer", I used powdered mineral pigments.

I love to draw a pure girl.

Pure girl is so beautiful....

She is 4 years old, and Japaese girl.

By the way, thank you for comment!

TJ Lubrano>

Yeah, Kaii Higashiyama's picture is so cool and beautiful.


Oh, I will request a further expression if it says to you so.
Gufufu..... Thank you!



I'm sorry cannot write this blog because I'm so busy to work....

Well, I wanna write about my travel in Nagano!

This museum is Marie Laurencin's museum. It is only one museum in the world.
The color of her work is beautiful. The pastel wanted to be beautiful, and I wanna decorate my room!

This photo is "Mishaka-pond", Kaii Higashiyama loved.

His art work of picture is "Mishaka-pond".
So beautiful and fantastic!
I love his picture, and I want to draw like him.

I never forget the mind of Japan. Because it went to study to London when I was a university student. It was strongly considered that I was Japanese at that time.
I want to proceed again to Europe with a Japanese soul, and to show the picture.

By the way, thank you for comment!

Maya >
Thank you. I am being fairly supported by you.
I never forget the kindness to you through life.
And, I want to go through one's life with you.

image_of_purity >

Thank you for your comment!
It is as you say ..so...
The important one is a thing for me to live with belief.  Thank you!

Oops! I forgot to publish my picture.
Let's show the picture that I drew.


Interpersonal relationship

This picture is Japanese style painting, and it's making it.
In the work flow, there is drawing the line drawing.
This picture is so.

Next, there is work of undercoat.
I will upload this picture that be finished.

By the way, I am Japanese.
I have Japanese culture, education, life, living there climate, and so on.
There is a Japanese interpersonal relationship in that.
The Japanese is an agricultural tribe. Therefore, it likes group living, and it has none of cultures that can come off.
In a word, it cannot have individual time.
The relation continues to the interpersonal relationship of the company after the company ends. In other words, the superior should associate only as a superior as for the private life.
If you are not Japanese, this will look strange.
This is natural for the Japanese.
Let's assume that there was man who has a different idea in the group.
How does the person think becomes it?
He/She is excluded by the group.
It is a Japanese society.

I have an idea quite different from a Japanese society today.
Moreover, my character or behavior is individualism.
Everybody thinks that they understand if it writes here.
It is so, and I excluded by the group. I cried, and suffered from this.
It is not good at group behavior but to begin with, is difficult my work to build the interpersonal relationship.
Working in Europe and America other than Japan thought me to be the best most.
I am alive with own opinion. You might be also similar.
I will esteem your opinion.
I want to have wonderful relationship that the opinion is mutually exchanged.
It cannot be done in Japan.
When I say something, I am disliked.
I am considered as a heretic in Japan.

I might be not suitable for Japan though I am Japanese.

Recently, I think so.

By the way, thank you for your comment!

Carl >

Thank you!!!


Busy to work....:-(

Now I'm working to draw the cartoon, and busy.
I can't guess finish to work this cartoon.


By the way, thank you for your comment!

dino3.14 >

Thank you for leaving your comment.
Yeah, I think, too.
Japanese people think that we must to study artschool, and we cannot draw wonderful artwork....
As a matter, it is not limited that it is so.


Le Grand Louvre exhibition in Kyoto

I went to Le Grand Louvre exhibition in Kyoto, and appreciated the famous picture.
Well-known painter's work had been very exhibited to Velazquez, Vermeer, Georges, and Rembrandt, etc.

I had seen these obtained the conviction.
A famous picture and a work so were able to be distinguished based on my longtime experience.

I was taken by parents at three-year-old time, and continued the painting appreciation for 20 years or more.

Actually, I was not drawing the picture by one year ago at all.
It was demanded from surrounding people to go to the university of the art though it painted as a hobby from 2 to 15 years old. Because it had become pressure, I stopped to draw the picuture at the age of 15.
After that, I didn't draw it, but I started to draw again last spring.
After that, I practiced picturing for one year.
The period when I had not drawn the picture reached for as many as 12 years.
It is a very long blank.
However, I was able to regain the sense at once.

Hereafter, I will devote myself.

Thank you for reading my blog!


Work, work, work

I'm working to draw this cartoon hardly...........so, my wrist has broken down.
But, but I'm happily drawing the cartoon. It is because of the favor.

Because it is painful to strike sentences, it ends here.

Thank you for comment!

vanina >
¡Gracias por su comentario! Amo dibujar un boceto, también.
Agregué su blog, su boceto es tan bueno.
Véalo de nuevo!


This picture has not been completed yet.

I drew this sketch yesterday.
Now I'm learning the sketch in the art school, and I draw the charcoal sketch.
I sketched the nude for the first time!

The model seemed to be accustomed.....


I have a pain in the neck :-(

Now I'm having a pain in the neck.....

Drawing the sketch too much is a cause.
I did ten more practices of the sketch repeatedly, and hurt the shoulder and its neck every day.


It is painful though one week passes as usual.

Well, I will receive the practice course of the Japanese style painting from next month.
I will make this blog an emphasis in the future and write though have given priority to a Japanese blog up to now and wrote.

It hesitates to read because it is feeling of either of blogs of Japan like the diary, and content with a private contents.
And, it doesn't become familiar with the blog of Japan though my blog makes the commentary and the book review the main.

I think that it is unexpected to write private in the blog.
The reason for an original purpose of the blog is that it is the one made for the commentary and the memo.

It is this that I annoys now.

Not suitable for the tendency to the blog of Japan of my blog makes me melancholic.

Therefore, I want to give priority to this blog, and to exchange various opinions.
Even whenever your opinion and my opinion differ, I esteem your opinion.

By the way, thank you for your comment.

cornel >
Thank you. Your photo is so wonderful.



Now I'm working to draw a cartoon....of record of going abroad to study!


Thank you for your comment.

Antonio Estevez >

Oh, thank you.
I keep drawing absolutely!



I drew two dancers.
I want to draw the picture with the throb feeling.

Thank you for your comment.

CheZzie >

Thank you!
I'm so happy to read your comment!
I'm keeping to draw sketch...... :-)



Now I'm drawing rough sketch, a lot of paper were drawing by me.
I cannot be without drawing.........
Is this sick? lol
Why I must draw?
Because the Japanese style painting is faithful to the sketch.
One line is a life. The Japanese style painting cannot be corrected though the oil painting can be corrected. Therefore, it is a match at that time of that time.
Well, painting materials of the Japanese style painting consist of nature. It is a plant, a mineral, and an animal, etc.

By the way, thank you for your comment.

Airisu~* >

Link from link.....link from link!
It was marginate and arrived at your blog. Ok?


Child of mystery

I drew this picture of "Child of mystery", and by soft pastel.
I will write about "Chaild of mystery", and why I made him.
Well, I'm planing to hold the one-man show in autumn, the place is Kobe in Japan.
But I guess you can't visit my one-man show. So I will make picture collections of the one-man show limitations from the publication on one's own account.
At that time, I plan to publish the overall view of the picture put on the blog.
Of course, this picture, too.

Maybe, A5 size, All page color, and 16P..... 6-7$ or 4,5-5EURO.

But, the carriage fee hangs separately.

I will make in this summer.

By the way, thank you for your comment!

CheZzie >

Thank you!
As for the overall view of this picture, it is scheduled to put it on the picture collection.
Please looking forward to wait.
Thank you!


Finish drawing

I drew this picture, finished.
I wanted to differ from actual scenery, and to do a fantastic expression.

Well, I plan to hold the one-man show in Kobe on October.
If you will visit in Kobe on Oct, please visit my one-man show.

I will make a book of my picture for person who cannot go.
I will inform you of it again here.


Now maiking.....

Now I'm drawing this picture of scenery....
I'm using a water gouache.
This scenery is World Heritage in Japan.

So beautiful, and this scenery was used by Hayao Miyazaki who made the movie of animation.
What is the movie of animation?

Maybe I guess you know....."PRINCESS MONONOKE"

By the way, thank you for your comment!

dino 3.14 >

Grazie! Io sono contento per darmi il Suo commento.
Non badi.
Per favore insegni a me se Lei lo ricorda.


I'm working.....

I'm working to draw the comic.....
When this comic is completed, it is sent to mobile phone at once.

Of course, only Japan....,sorry.

My having wanted to say is a thing to draw the comic as one of the work.

By the way, thank you for your comment!

Amy >

Oh, thank you! I'm glad.


Scenery of Japan

I drew scenery, this is a picture that expressed the climate in Japan.
Japan is an island nation.
There are a lot of small islands in the Pacific Ocean.
There is a rich season as a seagirt country. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter....

And, the thing of the Pacific Ocean looked about from Kobe is called Seto inland Sea.
Many small islands exist there. 
So beautiful scenery.
I love there.


Monster in Japan

I went to Historical Museum in Himeji today.
Himeji is a place with Himeji Castle that is World Heritage. 
Himeji Castle is very beautiful, and solemn. It is known as an impregnability.
There is a pond in the outside frame, and the carp is swimming gracefully.
And, here and there, there is a labyrinthine passage about the castle on the premises.

Himeji Castle

By the way, I went to the special exhibition of Historical Museum. 
What is the special exhibition?
It is a picture of the monster drawn in Japan.

It introduced monsters who had been drawn by the ukiyoe.
And there were many monster who were drawn even by the cartoon, too.
I thought it to be a very interesting.
To our regret, there was no English in those explanations. :-(

There was a zoo to be near!
I went there after it had finished had seen.
I held because there was a guinea pig.The guinea pig was very lovely. :-D

Today was fine, and so good day!


Gypsum sketch

"Gypsum sketch"

I drew a sketch of Gypsum that's name was Medici.
But, I have the doubt for this picture.
Because I was not able to draw three-dimensionally. 
How to draw?
Please tell me.

It is necessary to draw the shadow, I know.
But......I don't know how to draw the shadow.


Thank you for reading.


"Lily" Sumi-e


I drew the sumi-e painting of the lily today.
The interior of the sumi-e painting is deep, so I should improve one's techniques. 
Sumi has even one color various light and shade.
A considerable technology is required to express it.
Therefore, I respect the painter who drew the sumi-e painting wonderfully.
I also make an effort toward it.

By the way, thank you for your comment!

Domonyi Károly >

Thank you for your visit. I'm so happy to see you.
Yeah, I'll keep to contact you and Europe.
Your country is very beautiful, I know. I want to visit your country some day.....
Thank you!

drak1986 >
Oh, thank you for your reply comment.
Your picture is so good.
I'm looking forward to read your comment.
Thank you.


I want to draw.......

I wanna draw the picture such this picture.
This picture was drawing by Fuku Akino who is Japanese artist, and she lived in India a long time.
She drew by painting materials of Japanese style painting.
When I meet her work for the first time, I received impression. And, I wanna draw by painting materials of Japanese style painting.

After that, I met various Japanese-style painters' works. 
I was impressed in that to see Japanese-style painter's named Kaii Higashiyama work.
His picture is.....

So wonderful....
I wanna draw such his picture.


Growing old has to be beautiful

"Growing old has to be beautiful"
pencil (H, 2B)

I thought "Growing old has to be beautiful".
Why that?
This picture seems to wear make-up for an elderly woman to hide growing old. But that's different.
An elderly woman accepts all growing old and wears make-up on it.
There are wrinkles in the skin by which an elderly woman grew old.
An elderly woman accepts that.
I thought that is very beautiful.
I'd like to age this.

Well...., today is my birthday, I thought it.

Thank you for your comment!

Charecua >

Wow, I'm glad to see you. Your picture is so good, I'll follow your blog, OK?
Thank you!

dark 1986 >
 Wow,wow,wow! Thank you so much!
I'm happy.



Pencil (H)

My birthday is 27th May, my darling gave me a present.
What present?

Painting materials of Japanese style painting!

Wow, wow, wow!

This price is soooooooooo high!!!!!


Changed my profile's photo!

Water gouache

I like this picture, and I set this picture as my profile picture. 

I know this boy's name, but I cannot make it public yet.

Thank you for your comment!

Lidia-Chan >

Thank you for your comment. I'm so happy to see you.
I checked your blog, and adding it. :-)
Your picture is cute!

Daslav >

Thank you! 

Design of game character???

If I made the game of the adventure, I drew imagining such a character.
This boy is the main characters, and hero.
The character's name is Cloud, he appeared Final Fantasy Ⅶ.
He was man of a dark character, you know.
I drew such a character imagining it.

She is a girl 11-12, so wise.
She will use a magic of strong attack.

The man is trained in martial arts.
He is 20 years old.

He is so beautiful boy, and wise.
He uses a magic of recovery. He studies the medicine.  

Aaaa, I am happy in the thing drawn imagining these!